About Us

Olighting is a family-run company who operate from a dedicated manufacturing facility in the heart of the UK, just outside of Nottinghamshire, off the M1. We believe with 15 years qualified success  in the lighting industry we offer a fantastic opportunity for our customers to receive world-class products and service from a growing lighting company. We not only supply some of Europes finest lighting products but we also employ our knowledge and manufacturing skills to create a great range of cost-effective lighting structures that have been proven to work well beyond the expectations of customers who had previously only bought from competitors.

Our Brand Partners

True to our philosophy we only select the finest companies and technologies to represent Olighting. We continue to work  with our chosen partners to develop our product portfolio to match the challenging demands of the UK lighting market.

Zincometal, located in Northern Greece, produce amongst the finest metal products for lighting in Europe. Many of the static and hinged lighting column solutions that Olighting offer are supplied by Zincometal, we also adapt some of their solutions to create products tailored for the UK market.

Zin Lux Lighting are the lighting division of Zincometal, they have used their expertise in creating high-impact lighting structures they have developed a range of complimentary products that blend beautifully and provide a safe, robust and cost-effective luminaire ranges.

By investing heavily in research and development they have been able to push the limits of LED technology from CREE to offer outdoor light fittings that not only last over 60,000 hours, but that reduce the energy needed to produce the equivalent lighting levels of conventional Lamp solutions.

CREE is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, they lead the LED lighting revolution and is making energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.

They are a company of firsts, in 1989 they created and released the first blue LED and have continued to drive the development of LED outdoor lighting solutions.

As one of the largest and most renowned brands in lighting, Philips introduced the first LUXEON-branded LED in 1999, the Lumileds portfolio has grown continuously in size and scope. Covering the whole spectrum of LED luminous flux and optimised to cater to a variety of applications, LUXEON LEDs bring efficiency, digital control and long life to spotlights, down-lights, high bay and low bay lighting, indoor area lighting, architectural and speciality lighting as well as retrofit lamps.

Our Product Areas

Our structural lighting products allow our clients the opportunity to broaden their lighting solutions. We offer either static or hinged products that make us flexible to the challenges of the UK market for highway, street and sports lighting.

All of our products are calculated to EN40 and are manufactured to the highest European standards that guarantees a high-quality finish every single time. We carefully analyse every project to ensure that we offer the very best column and luminaire combination, whether you chose to use our luminaire options or not we can provide detailed lighting designs to suit your needs.

For those occasions where structural lighting needs to be both functional and decorative our range of Architectural Structural products delivers amazing results that mean you do not need to compromise.

Many of our range can be delivered in either Steel or Aluminium, or uniquely we also provided wood panelled columns that would blend perfectly into natural areas and woodland projects.

All of our designs are either formed or finished to create a consistent end-product that matches the design aspirations of typically unique projects.

With a range of base- and mid- hinged column products we are able to supply a solution for sports lighting that is robust enough to withstand the elements anywhere in the UK, but also create a convenient method of maintenance for end-users. Each product allows access to lighting fittings are ground level, making changing, maintaining or repairing sports lighting fittings much safer and easier without the need for specialist lifting or hoist equipment.
Coupling our column products with our fantastic range of energy-saving LED fittings or our cost-effective LAMP solutions which each offer high-power floodlight will create a lighting effect that is perfect for developing an environment where sports can be played long after the sun goes down.
We are happy to create lighting designs that not only work but excel, offering superior lighting that gurantees the performance, safety and quality of light expected of top-flight athletes.

Our great range of LAMP luminaires are a perfect cost-effective solution to make highways, street, pedestrian, cycle, retail or sports areas remarkable. We work with the DiaLux software to design and create unique designs that are devised to save the cost and effort needed to install new columns.
Many of our LAMP fittings can easily be retrofitted to LED light sources at a later date, so each solution maintains the flexibility to be changed for low-energy fittings at a later date.

Our unique range of LED luminaires means that creating functional, high-impact lighting schemes is now possible without the need to replace bulbs frequently or spend excessive amounts on electricity to run them.
LEDs can produce the same light output with up to 80% less energy than conventional bulbs. This makes our solutions fantastic for applications where fittings are needed to remain operative for long periods.
Some of our solutions are so low-energy that they are suitable for both solar or battery powered use, whilst still producing illumination to the highest standards.

Olighting architectural fittings are designed for a broad variety of applications, be it ceiling, wall, in-ground or bollards. Fittings come in either LED or low-voltage LAMP versions.
These systems can be used to accent buildings, create beautiful scenes or to provide safe, secure sophisticated light to urban spaces, that visitors will love.

Olighting use the very latest DIALUX and AutoCAD programs to devise lighting schemes that look great and maintain the uniformity of light to guarantee safe environments.
For our column solutions we use our EN40 software to create cost-effective lighting structural layouts. Our software and our column products work hand-in-hand to ensure that we exceed the required standards at every opportunity.
For Platforms we can offer perfect-fitting designs that accommodate even the toughest of applications, site offices, transformer stations and latrine systems are all possible. Our technical knowledge know no bounds, we relish the chance to showcase our engineering and design skills.

Finding the right installation partner with the right skills needed to complete your lighting project can be tough, let Olighting take the hassle out of this by allowing us to project manage the lighting installation for you. We take care of the whole process, from delivery to the moment the lights are finally switched on and receive their extensive testing.

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