Olighting Limited present the APOLLO HIGHBAY LED floodlight system; uniquely designed for easy maintenance and flexible light through cutting edge Philips LumiLED technology.

Our HIGHBAY systems are perfect for warehouses, barns, retail spaces and ceiling mounting across a broad range of applications. Easy mounting using the integral bracket also allows for fine tuning of angles to create uniform light that will keep your staff, visitors and customers safe.

Up to 12000 Lm

Luminaire Output

Up to 120 Watt

Energy-saving LED

50,000 hour

LumiLED LED Lifetime

From just 4.7 Kg

Up to 5.8 Kg Maximum

Diode Technology

Philips LumiLED technology inside our Highbay fittings makes them safer, more cost-effective and last longer than conventional <span style="color: #00aeef;">lamp</span> technologies.

Robust & Safe

Our IP68 fitting means less exposure to the elements and less damage from the weather. All of our products are built for the long-term.

Flexible Power

A broad range from 40 to 120 Watt LED fittings that can be mounted using the adjustable bracket. All this allows our customers the flexibility to mount light where they can and then guide it where it needs to be - protecting your stock and your staff.

High Light Output

Apollo HB comes in a great range of colour temperatures to suit any environment that requires you to bring the sunshine inside. Colours include: 3,000K, 4000K, 5,000K & 5,700K.

Diode Technology

Apollo HIGHBAY LED comes in a broad range of LED  module configurations to suit various applications.

Apollo LED is available with either 1 or 2 modules with up to 100 LM/W output - offering great energy efficiency.


APOLLO HIGHBAY LED suits warehouses, factories and retail spaces. Our fitting produces daylight to covered spaces without the typically high-energy costs and environmental impacts associated with conventional lamp solutions.

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