CITY-T LAMP Luminaire

Add a touch of class and high functionality to pedestrian areas and car parks with the City-T luminaire. Designed to bathe areas in beautiful soft light that brings both security and aesthetic benefits. Two size options maximise flexibility for variable applications; includes City-MT (Medium) and City-LT (Large) Available in options for both standard LAMP (70-150W) Also avialable in energy efficient LED format (30/40/50W)

Only 11.8 Kg

Luminaire Output

Up to 400 Watt

66 IP

Lamp Technology

All of our ZinLux fitting with Lamps come with either E27 & E40 options.

Robust & Safe

IP66 and IK09 means less exposure to the elements and less damage from incidents. Built for the long-term.

Flexible Power

From 70 - 150 Watt fittings that can be fitted on post-tops, hung from ceilings, strung from catenary cables or side

High Light Output

High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halogen, Mercury Vapour and Energy Saving lamp options make for great output of light.

Lamp & Power Options

City LAMP comes in a broad range of LAMP configurations to suit various applications, included is a low-energy version for a more economical solution.

City LAMP is available in 2 sizes, City-M is 70 to maximum 150W, where City-L provides a larger fitting which goes from 125W to 400W.

Please see our 'ordering information' pdf (Right, under 'Technical Information') for more detail.


City LAMP suits pedestrian, cycling, retail and park areas. The flexibility in mounting of the fitting means anything is possible.

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