Eta LED Luminaire

Our great Eta LED luminaire is great for many applications. Capable of housing up to 3 Philips LumiLED Lumeon TX modules the Eta LED is well suited to street, urban and pathway lighting.

It's integrated heat-sink system and its IP68 LED system will make Eta suitable for a long time to come with up to 50,000 hours lifespan.

Up to 9190 Lm

Luminaire Output

Up to 180 Watt

Energy-saving LED

50,000 hour

LumiLED LED Lifetime

7.4 Kg


Diode Technology

Latest Philips LumiLED & Driver Technology, means our fittings can keep going to 50,000 hours with low-energy consumption.

Robust & Safe

IP68 means less exposure to the elements and less damage from incidents. Built for the long-term and uniquely able to be repaired in-situ.

Flexible Power

4 different power options, from 30 - 60 Watts, with side mounting, fitting can be supplied with an adaptor for post-top flexibility.

High Light Output

Our Philips LumiLED technology can be supplied in a range of colour temperatures including 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 & 5,700K. Truly adaptable.

Diode Technology

Eta LED is built to be a lightweight and robust solution. Using ultra-low energy LED solutions we offer a versatile fitting capable of beating the elements and providing safe light for many years.

The Epsilon is available with upto 3 LED Modules which consume a maximum 180 Watts depending on the light level demands of individual applications.


Eta LED suits many open areas but is well suited to Road and Street column systems. Given Eta's flexibility in mounting means anything is possible and with upto 3 module capacity this fitting is great for many column heights, so retrofitting existing columns is easy.

Olighting would be happy to consult on your lighting design and provide detailed graphical representation of your individual project.

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