The Helios HIGHBAY LED system comes ready to bright light to even the darkest spaces. Using ultra-low energy LED solutions we offer a versatile fitting capable of making any warehouse space safe.

The Helios is available in 7 sizes, depending on number of modules and output requirements, consuming between 40 and 350 Watts depending on the light level demands of individual applications.

If your project changes, so can Helios. If you need more light, simply add new modules - even without turning the existing ones off! Hot-swappable design at its best.

Up to 36750 Lm

Luminaire Output

Up to 350 Watt

Energy-saving LED

50,000 hour

Philips LumiLED Lifetime

Max. 13.7 Kg

with 7 modules

Diode Technology

LED floodlights containing the high-quality Philips LumiLED modules will last 50,000hrs and deliver amazing crisp light with low-energy consumption.

Robust & Safe

IP68 modules means less exposure to the elements and less damage from incidents. Fully sealed units makes installation and maintenance safe to handle.

Flexible Power

From 40 - 350 Watt fittings with between one and seven modules the Helios can generate great output from a compact form factor.

High Light Output

Our LED units, incorporating Philips LumiLED modules, offer incredible light output and up to 100Lm/W efficiency.

Diode Options

Helios LED comes in a broad range of LED configurations to suit various applications from sports to warehouses. Strip back the shadows with the Helios to reveal the light.

Helios LED is available with up to 7 modules, which will bring upto 36,750lm from just 350 Watts and weighing just 11.8Kg.


Helios LED suits many applications that need high-quality light. Installations at height make this an ideal sports fitting or for health & safety in warehousing and retail areas.

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