LUNA LAMP Luminaire

Couple our economical Luna fitting with our wide range of lighting columns and create an impressive solution to illuminate roads and highways; functional, low-maintenance and capable of withstanding the elements even in coastal placements.

Simple tool-free access means replacement lamps can be changed quickly and easily; available in E27 or E40 fittings.

Up to 400 Watt

& Energy-saving options


Water & Dust Protection


Impact Resitance

Lamp Technology

All of our ZinLux fittings with Lamps come with either E27 & E40 options.

Robust & Safe

IP66 and IK09 means less exposure to the elements and less damage from incidents. Built for the long-term.

Flexible Power

From 70 - 400 Watt fittings that can be fitted on post-tops or side-mounted to suit your column installation, replace existing fittings or install from new, the choice is yours.

High Light Output

High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halogen, Mercury Vapour and Energy Saving lamp options make for great output of light.

Lamp & Power Options

Luna LAMP is a cost-effective system which allows a choice from:

High Pressure Sodium - 70W (E27) or 100-400W (E40)

High Pressure Metal Halogen - 70W (E27) or 100-400W (E40)

High Pressure Metal Halogen - 80W or 125W (E27) or 250W (E40)

Energy Saving Lamp - E27 Fitting


Luna LAMP suits street, pedestrian, cycling, retail and park areas. The flexibility in mounting of the fitting means anything is possible.

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