Mu LED Luminaire

The mighty MU LED Streetlight is flexible enough to house upto 3 Philips LumiLED-powered modules and with variable optics to allow it to cast light in a variety of useful patterns at various pole heights for urban and street applications.

It's slim profile makes the Mu perfect for reducing cross-sections for lighting in windy and coastal regions where sheer stresses may otherwise upset the stability of lighting columns. Slim, lightweight, low-energy and with a robust construction that makes the Mu LED a great solution for these applications.

Up to 17100 Lm

Luminaire Output

Up to 180 Watt

Energy-saving LED

50,000 hour

LumiLED LED Lifetime

Up to 100 Lm/W

Efficient Lighting

Diode Technology

With up to 3 modules, the Mu LED luminaire from Olighting Limited uses the latest Philips LumiLED Luxeon TX LED to drive great, long lasting light output with minimal energy consumption, at 91% efficiency.

Robust & Safe

The Mu is an IP68 option which is great for areas with variable weather conditions, enabling it to produce light for many years with minimal maintenance.

Flexible Power

From 40 - 180 Watt LED fittings that can be fitted on post-tops or side-mounted to suit your needs. Ask us for a FREE lighting design for your next project.

High Light, Low Weight

Mu LED weighs between 6.2 and 8.0Kg depending on number of modules fitted, so it can make a great lightweight and aerodynamic solution for higher wind speed areas.

Diode Technology

Mu LED offer flexible lighting configurations from 1 module to 3, offering up to 17,100m output.

Available in either Black, Anthracite Grey, White or Blue to suit any outdoor project.


Mu LED suits pedestrian, cycling, retail and park areas. The flexibility in mounting of the fitting means anything is possible and modules can be hot-swapped later to suit new demands of the outdoor environment without having to dismantle the fitting.

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