Olighting Limited present the OLYMPUS HYPERION FLOODLIGHT LED system; uniquely designed for easy maintenance and flexible light through
cutting edge Philips LumiLED technology.

Olympus can create outdoor floodlit areas that look great, against walls, trees and architectural features this fitting makes spaces brighter.

It's small form factor also allows it for use as a safe tunnel light, it's IP67 housing makes it robust enough for most underground applications.

Up to 850 Lm

Luminaire Output

Only 10 Watt

Energy-saving LED

50,000 hour

Philips LumiLED Lifetime

Only 0.75Kg

Lightweight Lighting

Diode Technology

Low-power Philips LumiLED in a single screw-less module makes for a unique combination that is guaranteed to last.

Robust & Safe

This IP67 fitting offers a safe, maintenance-free option to floodlighting of small garden or features without the need to worry about the weather for at least 50,000hrs of constant operation.

Flexible Power

Olympus is fitted with an integral bracket that allows it to be mounted in any position and with flexible adjustment in-situ.

Diode Technology

Olympus is a simple 10 watt small LED FLOODLIGHT with 4 colour temperature options - 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K & 5,700K. Available in either White (as shown) or Anthracite Grey to suit your project.


Olympus LED fits in beautifully with the landscape, offering flexibility from a low-power lighting unit. Suitable for gardens, municipal, religious or private building accented lighting applications and floodlighting to surface areas such as driveways and closed garden spaces.

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