The Protec B 1000 is a unique fitting for sports and floodlighting, the grown-up brother of the 250/400 version. Made from high-pressure Aluminium with integrated cooling fans. Polyester powder coating makes a corrosion resistant fitting that will withstand the elements.

Available in either symmetric or asymmetric versions; with a reflector of 99.8% Aluminium purity for high-uniformity and optimum efficiency.

5mm tempered diffuser-glass is resistant to thermal and impact shocks (up to IK10). Sealed with a continuous high-quality silicone rubber gasket to prevent water and dust ingress to IP65.

The E40 lamp fitting makes the Protec B 1000 very flexible and cost-effective to change should a bulb need replacing.

Up to 1000 Watts

E40 LAMP Power


Ingress Protection

E40 Fitting


Just 12.50 Kg


Lamp Technology

The Protec B 1000 Floodlight LAMP employs, powerful, easy-to-change E40 bulbs. High-pressure Sodium or Metal Halogen bulbs - each in 1000 Watts

Robust & Safe

Our IP65 fitting means less exposure to the elements and less damage from the weather. All of our products are built for the long-term and with the highest IK10 impact rating the Protec is perfect for pitch-side mounting.

Flexible Power

Built for an ultra-powerful 1,000 Watt LAMP that can be mounted using the adjustable bracket. All this allows our customers the flexibility to mount light where they can and then guide it where it needs to be. More uniform light.

High Light Output

High quality reflector makes the Protec B 1000 FLOODLIGHT LAMP light output incredibly pure and uniform for a thorough casting of light.

Lamp & Power Options

Protec B 1000 FLOODLIGHT LAMP comes with either High-Pressure Metal-Halogen or Sodium E40 LAMP configurations to suit various applications and preferences.


With 1,000 Watts, Protec B 1000 FLOODLIGHT LAMP is great for use on existing or new columns where illumination is needed for sports, warehousing, toll waiting or distribution areas. Suited for high mounting where broad casting of light is needed.

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