Couple our economical Strada fitting with our wide range of lighting columns and create an impressive solution to illuminate roads and
highways; functional, low-maintenance and capable of withstanding the elements.

Simple tool-free access means replacement lamps can be changed
quickly and easily; available in E27 or E40 fittings.

Just 9.85 Kg

Lightweight & Robust

Up to 400 Watt

Multiple Bulb Options


Resist the elements

Lamp Technology

All of our ZinLux fitting with lamps come with either E27 & E40 options.

Robust & Safe

IP66 and IK09 means less exposure to the elements and less damage from incidents. Built for the long-term.

Flexible Power

The STRADA comes in 70 - 400 Watt variants that can be fitted on post-tops or side-mounted.

High Light Output

High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halogen, Mercury Vapour and Energy Saving LAMP options make for great output of light.

Lamp & Power Options

STRADA LAMP comes in a broad range of LAMP configurations to suit various applications, included is a low-energy version for a more economical solution. STRADA LAMP is available from 70 to maximum 400W.

Completely tool-free access allows in-situ maintenance that is safer and faster than conventional LAMP systems.


STRADA LAMP suits street, cycling, and functional pedestrian areas. Considering the build-quality and light output, it is hard to believe that STRADA is our value-engineered solution.

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