ZEUS LED Floodlight

ZEUS LED FLOODLIGHT is uniquely designed to blend the power and reliability of CREE LEDs with perfect optics that produce a glare-free solution for floodlighting of broad areas and sports pitches. Zeus is our most powerful floodlighting solution, producing a huge 124,740lumens per unit with a great 135lm/W efficiency.

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Up to 124740 Lm

Luminaire Output

Up to 924 Watt

Energy-saving LED

50,000 hour

CREE LED Lifetime

Up to 34.80 Kg


Diode Technology

Latest CREE LED & Driver Technology, means our fittings can keep going to 50,000 hours with low-energy consumption.

Robust & Safe

IP67 means less exposure to the elements and less damage from incidents. Built for the long-term and uniquely able to be repaired in-situ.

Flexible Power

From 463 - 924 Watt fittings with bracket mounting, fitting can alternatively be supplied with an adaptor for post-top flexibility.

High Light Output

Our CREE LED technology can be supplied in a range of alternatives to 1,000, 2,000, or 4,000W Metal Halide lighting. Truly adaptable and without the effect of glare.

Lamp & Power Options

Zeus LED uses ultra-low energy LED solutions we offer a versatile fitting capable of beaming crisp, clean lighting and provide a safe solution for many years.

The Zeus is available in 8 sizes, depending on number of modules and output requirements, consuming between 463 and 924 Watts depending on the light level demands of individual applications.

With a massive 135lm/W efficiency Zeus LED makes use of every bit of electrical power - saving you money and creating amazing light from smaller, lighter units.


Zeus LED is built for sport - combining the power of Zeus with our great range of column and bracket products makes for a fantastic low-energy solution for any sports club; grassroots, amateur or professional. See Olyte for more details.

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