Dark doesn't care...

...but Olighting does. A working light creates an environment where customers, staff and visitors can feel safe; whatever time it is.

We can help to maintain your lighting solution, whatever the size or complexity of your installation, offering fixes to issues such as broken lamps, flickering bulbs, damaged optic screens or even replacing fittings to either match or upgrade your site.

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We also specialise in performing lighting uniformity checks for Sports fields. It is important for the safety and performance of amateur or professional sportspeople to play in the best quality light. With our thorough light ‘check and report’ process we can help you to recognise talent, even when it’s dark outside.
Our process is straight forward, we carefully map out your space, assess your lighting performance needs and then produce a complete report that serves as evidence of lighting conformity.

Where necessary, we also provide a detailed list of improvements we find in our testing, which includes possible upgrades, column defects and lighting issues. Full costings to restore your space to optimal levels is provided including installation, materials and fittings – no hidden costs and no obligation.

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