Olyte Eco Sports Lighting blends together unique lighting solutions to create the perfect environment for all of your sports needs, whatever time of day or weather conditions.

Our ‘Constellation’ range LED fittings not only allow incredible efficiency, with up to 160lm/W, but deliver clean, crisp illumination that offers neighbours freedom from the glare of our competitors. Not only that but they also come with a unique 10 year warranty that protects against product defect for the long term*.

Olyte come to you with a complete solution, including a complete design, supply and installation package that fit every budget. Our efforts are focused on providing long-lasting systems that minimise down-time and reduce maintenance intervals, however a full maintenance package is available from our partner teams.

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Catering for sports of all kinds…

Football / 5-A-Side

We design to comply with the highest standards set by both local, regional and international standards according to your needs. We can cater for everything from simple 4 column systems, through to stadium ready FIFA-compliant lighting systems. Whether it’s 11-a-side, 5-a-side or pratice grounds, Olyte can help you with any project.


Olyte are proud to offer brilliant solutions for Tennis courts that offer superb quality light for high speed games or grassroots play. Our no-dazzle lighting fittings means our clients experience the best environments for their players, without upsetting play with awkward glare. Every solution from local parish courts to WTA-class arenas, Olyte have a solution.


Driving ranges are the ideal place to practice during the long winter nights. Let golfers experience the opportunity to track and follow their progress long into the evening. Clean, crisp light from our powerful LED system means participants can play for longer without the high energy costs of traditional lighting systems.


A cricket ball can regularly travel in excess of 100mph, making tracking its progress through the air at night can be a tricky affair for both infield and outfield players alike. Our unique LED systems make night-time cricket not only possible but more competitive by reducing the dazzle of traditional lighting without compromising the light levels that may otherwise ruin the run of play. We are able to supply every solution from Parish council to ECB-level grounds.

Rugby – League & Union

Rugby is a tough game, whatever the discipline.
Olyte is able to supply focused-solutions for Rugby that makes practice and play possible well into the depths of the winter season by providing high-output, low glare lighting that keeps players playing.

Horse Racing

Night meets demand the finest lighting for the safety of riders and horse, whilst spectators will value the benefit that low-glare, high-output lighting can bring to any event. Whether it is for training purposes or competitive racing series, Olyte can supply lighting for any purpose.

& many more…



Up to 115,680lm

High Output 'Zeus' Fitting

Up to 10

Year Warranty


Ingress Protection Fittings

Innovation through Product Selection

Our vision is to create a portfolio of products that reflects the changing demands in the lighting industry. Quality is key to our success, that’s why we carefully select our partners to reflect the challenges to the UK market. We only select partners who are committed to products that meet our strict quality standards using the latest LED technology from renowned manufacturers such as CREE or Philips LumiLED.

Value Engineering

We also recognise that the initial investment in LED technology can be higher than that of conventional and is not needed in all areas, that’s why we offer a variety of lamp options that can save you money on your fittings without compromising on the quality. Many of our Lamp options can also be upgraded at a later stage to LED if required. So you get the best of both worlds. All of our quotations already include a value engineered option for your to consider.

Lighting Design Service

Our customers have seen proven success using our lighting design service as part of their tendering process or as their final solution. We offer FAST & FREE turnaround to any outdoor lighting project request, we ensure that the design we produce reflects our high quality standards and includes a comprehensive report which reflects the quality of product used and proves adherence to the project demands.

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Quality Fabrication

Our lighting fittings come from manufacturers who employ the best tools and techniques to create unique, robust fittings that are carefully checked throughout the production process to ensure that each unit arrives with us in full working order. It is then further tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure every piece leaves us performing to the quality our customers expect. This attention to detail has resulted in products that our customers come back for time-after-time.

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Olighting Limited are proud to be members of the Federation of Small Businesses. This offers us the insights and opportunities for us to engage with other businesses and invest in improving the processes that makes usthe right choice for our customers.

By coupling our diverse product portfolio with our expertise in creating lighting schemes we can create designs that not only meet your specifications, but offer maximum value that aim to cut capital expenditure.

When your project is over budget with other suppliers, try Olighting and we’ll help make it happen.

Our expert lighting engineers has proven success in taking original project specifications and re-engineering them to not only meet or exceed the performance of our competitors but also offer the great value that lasts.

We have invested the time and effort in the industry’s highest quality lighting design software, DIALux. This allows us to create rich, powerful lighting designs that help our customers win business. No one goes further to guarantee spectacular lighting design imagery than Olighting Limited.