Platform Systems

Olighting are proud to work with our partners to create beautifully engineered platform systems for sites across the UK.

They can be designed for basic site offices, rest areas, electrical junctions or where systems need suspending above rough terrain on a stable base.

We are able to design, build and install your platform systems to suit your needs. Full AUTOCAD drawing designs will be provided prior to build for full piece of mind.

Our highly-skilled and capable staff have already completed installations at several solar farm locations where high voltage harvesting units were required.

Designed with



Our engineers are able to advise and design structural products to meet your requirements exactly, every project is unique and should be made to suit with precision.


Once you are 100% happy with your product from our <span style="color: #FF0000;">AUTO-CAD</span> drawings only then do we get to manufacturing. We only use the finest steel components and finally galvanised to last for the long-term.


Our specialists are involved in the whole project so they know better than anyone how to install your platform solution on-site in the most efficient way.


Whatever your preference we can either build on-site or built the majority for transport in-house before shipping. Whatever suits your needs.

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