LED Handrail

A unique high-quality Stainless Steel LED handrail system. Perfect for stairwells and hallways for any architectural and functional application. With both symmetrical and asymmetrical options, our specially designed system with multiple connection options means greater flexibility during installation.

POWER Efficiency

5 Watts per linear metre

luminous flux

10 – 150 lux

weatherproof & robust

IP66 & IK10


316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel

LED lifetime

>100,000 hours @70% >50,000 hours @90%


Dimmable & Non-dimmable options

Features & Benefits

Cookies is formed from beautiful, high-quality tubular 316 Stainless Steel. Each piece is carefully shaped to create a refined finish with safe, clean edges and a lightweight, robust end product.

Lightweight  •  Robust  •  Weatherproof

Every fitting comes complete with the highest quality, cutting-edge SMD LED modules to offer longer lasting (up to 100,000hrs), crisp, clean lighting. Ultra low-power at just 5W per metre.

Eco-Friendly  •  Lasts Longer  •  Ultra Low Maintenance

For greater peace-of-mind we offer a 5-year limited warranty (<20,000hrs or 5 years) that covers for repair or replacement of fitting in case of manufacturing defect (full details available on request)

Confidence  •  Repair-or-Replace  •  Peace-of-Mind

Product Options

Model Elysium LED Handrail
Light source SMD LED Module
Color temperature 4000K as standard.
Optional 2700K, 3000K & 5000K & 5700K.
Power (W) 5 Watts per metre length of luminous handrail
Luminous Output 10 – 150 Lux
Lumen Maintenance (L70) ≥ 100,000 hours
Lumen Maintenance (L90B10) ≥50,000 hours
Optics Cover Tempered Glass
Handrail size
48mm Diameter
Color Stainless Steel
IP rating IP66
IK rating IK10
Operating temperature range -40°C<Ta≤50°C
Certifications CE
Material 316 Marine-grade Stainless Steel





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