Our Philosophy



LED-based solutions for post-top mounting to provide functional lighting to column systems. Perfect for car parks, street and retails areas.


Create beautiful lighting scenes across open areas using LED-based top-mounted lighting fittings.


Our LED bollard systems offer safe, even lighting to pavements, retail spaces, schools and urban areas with compromise on durability.


Wall mounted LEDs create beautiful accents to a variety of architectural features. Perfect low-energy option for domestic, retail and urban spaces.

in-ground LIGHTING

A sublime range of LED in-ground fittings that accentuate any ground surface and bring focus to outdoor features.

Wall projection lighting

Great for flat surfaces or to highlight architectural features from any angle.

Our great range features both linear and projection fittings for flexibility.

RGB solutions

Coloured-LEDs can create remarkably flexible lighting schemes. Available in static or fully controllable lighting  options.

control systems

We offer several control options depending on your needs. Photocell, timer or DMX controls that can be control by either computer or even via a mobile app.

Hold back the night, with beautiful light

We pride ourselves on our unique and carefully selected lighting solutions, ranging from the traditional architectural to the contemporary styles. We’d love to support your next projects from our amazing lighting visualisations to our perfectly designed product range…contact us now for a FREE lighting desing consultation…