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Northumbrian Water is using innovative technology to generate electricity from waste products through advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) at Bran Sands at Tees Port. The firm said the plant could produce enough gas to supply demand from 5,000 homes.

Biogas released by bacteria digesting the sewage sludge is currently used to fuel engines to create electricity, which Northumbria Water says reduces the company’s carbon footprint by 20%.

Our lightning protection systems, including our custom-built LightningBlox system that allow safe, easy installation of lightning protection columns without the need to penetrate ground membrane or require heavy excavation equipment.

Lightning protection systems have been designed to LPS1, 20mtr rolling sphere methods in accordance with BS EN 62305. Giving the site huge protection from the likelihood of a dangerous and costly strike to the membrane gas holders on site; each containing upto 1190 cubic metres of biomethane. A lightning strike would cause major damage to the whole facility.

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“Since 2015, Olightning have provided high-quality lightning protection solutions for a wide range of projects across the UK. Our products can be seen offering protection to high-volatility fluid storage facilities ranging from BioMethane, Gas and Oil; both in-land and in coastal regions. Our experience of these projects led to our latest innovation, LightningBlox, which enables the erection of lightning columns even in areas where traditionally planted columns are not possible due to ground or access restrictions. Get in touch with us today for more information”. Tony Barker

Technical Director - Structural Lightning Protection Products

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