Olightning provide specially designed solutions for lightning protection applications, including a wide range of structural columns and our unique foundation block system – LightningBlox. All designed & built in the United Kingdom.

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Lightning Protection Columns

We have designed a range of columns perfect for lightning protection system. Galvanised to BS EN 1461 and treated for high-salt-spray regions, such as coastal locations. Flange mount also allows connection to our brilliant LightningBlox system.

LightningBlox foundation system

The perfect solution to compliment our lightning column structures. LightningBlox allows simple flange mounting of columns and provide long-lasting, safe erection without the need to penetrate ground membranes. Simple, fast and built to defend for longer.

faster delivery

With full control over our supply, manufacturing in the UK and our team of dedicated lightning protection specialists we can deliver faster across the whole UK.   We also offer a full installation solution, if required, from our team of structural engineers. Faster, safer and a complete solution anywhere in then UK.

Our experience in lightning protection…

We have undertaken many lightning protection projects with our service partners across the UK; providing both column structures and foundation block systems. We work both directly with customers or through  our trusted partners who offer lightning protection professional services across the length-and-breadth of the UK.
“Since 2015, Olightning have provided high-quality lightning protection solutions for a wide range of projects across the UK. Our products can be seen offering protection to high-volatility fluid storage facilities ranging from BioMethane, Gas and Oil; both in-land and in coastal regions. Our experience of these projects led to our latest innovation, LightningBlox, which enables the erection of lightning columns even in areas where traditionally planted columns are not possible due to ground or access restrictions. Get in touch with us today for more information”. Tony Barker

Technical Director - Structural Lightning Protection Products

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